Nantuko husk

This started as a replica of a card of the game Magic, but since imnot a fan of the game and dont have the card (just a quick sketch i did of it), it had some differences so i decide to go another way and ended up with this

The same but with a soft light in the front, so you can see a little better the character


For those of you that saw the post in the focused critics forum i apologize, it was a moment of frustration due to the low amount of C&C i get in my posts, and just to clarify, i wasn`t expecting to be praised, just comments on how to improve it

cool! nice lighting, though i don’t think it shows off ur character very well. You made the image have the same feel very nicely, not photorealistic but kinda in-between. Keep it up!

I like how you finished off the wall and pillars. The lighting of the char could use another soft light though, still a bit hard to see, but the feeling of the picture is still really good. Great Job. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, actually i was going for a dark render, like if he is in an abandoned castle or something.