Naperville IL Blender User/Production Group


I’m new to Blender and would love to use something like this to create a feature film for a story I’m working on. As I understand this would take a long time for one person I am looking for other people in the area with the same idea. My hope is to form a user group with people who not only love Blender, but want to produce animations with it.

There are two primary goals of this Group;

  1. Create a local network of resources, knowledge, and friends that will promote an understanding of Blender and the animation production process.

  2. Bring together like minded individuals with the purpose of creating a feature film.

I do have an idea in mind, but if we get together we can vote on a project or maybe even projects depending on the number of people.

I imagine the format to be similar to the following:
Monthly Meetings
Half the meeting dedicated to discussing Blender (New features, neat skills, related software, news)
Half the meeting dedicated to discussing Current and Future Projects (Where we’re at, whats next, action items)

I’m really hoping for people nearby, but if the interest is low, I’m open to a Skype User Group.

If you’re interested please answer the following Questions:

 1) Location?
 2) Skills?
 3) How long have you been using Blender?
 4) Best guess at Blender Skill Level?
 5) Desired role in a production?
 6) Do you have a project in mind?  If so, what?
 7) When are you available to meet?
 8) When would you prefer to meet?

My answers:

 1) Naperville IL
 2)  Writing, drawing, and organizing.
 3)  18 months
 4)  Novice (Noob)
 5)  I would love to do everything, but immediate benefits would be to writing and concept art.
 6)  Yes, a Sci-Fi/Action feature.
 7)  I'm typically availabe after 6pm during the week and almost anytime on weekends.
 8)  Early Saturday mornings.

Thanks for checking out my thread and I hope to hear from you soon.