NARAUK- Looking for 3D Graphic Artist[s] for Tablet Games

Hello Blender Artists!

NARAUK is looking for passionate individuals to join our team and help create the next generation of mobile games. We welcome anyone with the skill and dedication of their craft to work with us. NARAUK puts strong emphasis on creativity and high risks to create the best content we can.

Are you a college graduate looking for experience to put on your resume? Awesome, we can help out with that. Don’t be afraid to apply and show us what you’ve got!

Please note that we are a startup company, we have nothing but what is in our pockets and minds to begin developing our content. All of our team members get a full MSDN Subscription (All Microsoft software ever made including Windows, Office, etc.) while working with us and will split a share of the final profit made from any game productions. We hope that with your help we can become one of the top mobile game developers.

Join the adventure at NARAUK!

What are you waiting for?

Email us at: [email protected]

PS- Blender FTW (I’m a project manager now, but used to use it back in the day!) -Mike :slight_smile: