It’s Spring, and i am creating plants again. and it’s much fun.
I completely overhauled my previous node-setup, and it works like a charm now. What wasn’t fun all the time. but i got some help on erindale’s discord-server and had more then one eureka-moment. Now it uses hand-drawn curve inputs and ‘always’ works, which is a big improvement. Also i learned a lot, in the process.
This final version captures the frilly-ness of the flower-cup, but needs therefore more geometry.

This previous version has less/ more equal geometry among the organs,
Not a big change but worth it.

Here is a short demo:

That’s patient 0, the snowdrop ( galanthus nivalis)

and here is how it works:
A bit more demo for this one.
there are quite a few sliders, and all of them are useful (to me), mostly for adjustments.
when everything is set right it doesn’t even needs much readjusting.
Overall my most ambitious project so far.
for now i am happy with the function and looks :slight_smile:
and there are still a lot more springflowers, i have to hurry, or won’t have real reference anymore, which is very, very handy :smiley: