This is my first project without a tutorial. I have been working with blender for several years now but I never felt good enough to try something on my own until now. I would love some feedback on how to get better. Thanks for looking


Hello! First of all, If this is your first “not tutorial” render, good job!

Now for the feedback. In my opinion there is nothing really interesting to catch your eye. I think you wanted the lamp to be the interest point. Then do not be afraid to show it! Zoom in, make the nice warm light cut thru the cold mist, give it some atmosphere! Also try to add some details such as footprints or small snow piles made by the wind. You could also try to make it little more dynamic by smearing the snowflakes like they are blowing in a wind, that might help to boost your atmosphere. Do not be afraid to create contrasts - they can only improve your work. (In this one I think the idea of the warm, yellow light in a rough cold and blue environment is really nice!)

I hope it helped, good luck!


Yeah, I’m thinking the same way: bring my eye something to draw me in. For example, some cone or pool of light – ostensibly coming from the lamp – that maybe creates a subtle visual arrow pointing toward the lamp. Likewise, a little more subtle texturing of the snow. The composition doesn’t have to be symmetrical and is often more dramatic when it isn’t slightly. (“Rule of Thirds” points, etc.)

Carefully save this file (forever …), then maybe “fiddle around with it.” Try this. Try that.

But – all of these suggestions are merely brainstormed ideas. Your render is certainly beautiful. If this is your “first non-tutorial render,” then you are well on your way. :+1:


Thank you!

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Hey, man. This is a great start with some good advice above! Also, great minds think alike … I’m working on a similar piece with the Narnia theme right now.

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