Naruto Live Action Short Film.

So this is a live action I did where the main baddie is a puppet. If you know a lot about naruto it will make 100% sense but if not its still ok. So the puppet is all done in blender. It was a pain to animate considering this is only the second thing I have animated. But tell me what you think. Hope your not too brutal with my work. Thanks. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and check out my FB group:

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Haha wow. Is that all in blender? I love the color correcting, and most of the filming looks great. As far as story goes, I don’t know what to tell you, but the effects pretty good. Did you use AE?

Solid sir! I foresee greatness in your future

Thanks shibazz :slight_smile:

And Jonathan L, yes its all done in blender and I used After Effects to composite it. I also used a lot of Mocah to tracy some of the shots.

Epic dude :slight_smile: Your Jujutsu technique reminded me of Vampire Hunter D. Nice Work!

Great job man, some effects are really well done!

well done !
really good work…

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

How were you able to do the “fireball jutsu”? Just curious because I am starting vfx, and so far blender’s results have not been so great. Mabie that’s just me.

I used some stock footage of a fireball that simulation was not done in blender >_< i’m bad ad blender physics

Well done!. The visual and sound effects are great. How did you make the 2D animation part?

Well done!. The visual and sound effects are great. How did you make the 2D animation part?

Thanks mrgossips and I did the 2d part by getting an after effects plug in… well its more like a after effects file. IDK how the guy set it up but he’s a genius heres a link to where I bought it if you want to dive more into it :slight_smile: ~ and hope that helps a little.

I would love to see though if this would be possible to do in blender. My knolge of the program is not to where I want it to be. Especially regarding the node editor.

Like I said in blender thread, outstanding mix of video shots, angles, video effects, lighting of the model and texturing. Really good cloth effects (did you use Blender cloth deformation?) , and some of the special effects were outstanding. The fire in particular and the throwing knife attack. Extremely well done.

I have a question about the motion tracking, getting the puppet into the scene - How difficult/involved was the effort? I am interested using the motion tracking to import mesh models blended into a video clip.

This is very cool! Great work! Keep it up, and you’ll be going places!

Thanks ~ and yes i was using Blender cloth deformation though it was very hard at first to accomplish what i was going for cause i have never used blender cloth to this extent but i’m glad you thought it looks well. Also I was using mochas 2d tracking plained to trek most of the shots. That process once leaned is very simple to do but the drawback is your constricted to pans not any tilts or rotations around the 3D subject. Hope that was well explained haha

Good enough!