Naruto:Rock lee game

My first game. Inspieerd by anime Naruto.
work in progress.
Comments would be nice

the link you gave was to upload files, not to download or view…


orrrr… you can just use the uploading system on this website for posting :slight_smile:

Sorry how about now?

This looks awesome! I can’t wait to play it. I do have a few issues, though.

  • First, you have a great frame rate, so why don’t you add more detail to the ground texture.
  • Second, some baked shadows would make this look 10X better.

Edit: Now that I took a better look, you might want to improve all of your textures.

Good luck

This i belive is my first blender project that actually needed texturing so i started doing photoshop tutorials and just recently i have found unwrap tool so the textures in upcoming levels of the game should be much better.

Looks pretty cool, PM me when this is ready! :slight_smile: great job on the models too. they really do look like the chars from naruto :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool. When I’m done my Naruto WIP maybe we can trade models. That way I don’t have to model another char (even though I plan on modeling everyone) to get started with my animation plans early…and you also have another char as well. Unfortunately I won’t be doing to much work in blender until I get my 3d view to stop being buggy, but hopefully thats soon. Check my threads to find the one entitled Number One Hyper Active Knuckle Head Ninja, meh forget that…I’m feeling nice today so heres a link to the WIP thread. Its a different stlye, but shouldn’t be to hard to change up. Note it is a WIP…so if you want you can leave ideas or thoughts…but know that its purely for animation…I wasn’t to overly concerned with the model itself, though its becoming an obsession to get right.

I have abandoned this project a while ago but now im slowly back to it. It has lot’s of bugs in it, but it was my first real blender game and the best so far :yes: . Try it and tell me what you think.
Here’s a demo of a game: