Naruto Sasuke Sakura & Kakashi 3D Form

An Art project I wanted to do more with but I think it’s journey eds here.

Too many flaws even with the improvements.

It was definitely worth it. I learned very much alot.

Rigged from top to Bottom, damn proud of this.

Wish I could do a better background but maybe I’ll try and re do this again with the extra experience I gain.


Uploading: Naruto Sasuke Sakura Kakashi 1.5 (Final Result).png…

Them without naruto and Other Angle

Uploading: Kakashi Sasuke Sakura 1.6.png…

Team 7 Naruto without Headband
Uploading: Naruto Sasuke Sakura Kakashi 1.0.png…

Older Version or Rig and Models.

Alot of Effort went into this.

Sorry but please check images are not uploaded

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strange. i’ll see what else I can do then.