NASA's got nothin on me - {WIP}

Here’s a quick render on the solar system project I’ve been working on. I am going to make an animation with all of the planets and the sun plus maybe a spacecraft or probe or two. This is just a typical flyby scene. Here’s my favorite pic. Maybe if i have time (and bandwidth) I will post a short divx. For now :

Also, things that I know are wrong but cannot fix properly are:

The moon isn’t that close to the earth
The shadow of the moon is skew to the earth, not the sun
The moon’s axis isn’t right

The shadow of the spaceship on the planet, you have black spots on your sun (flares?) and it looks like the ozone layer is creating a shadow?

EDIT: and the sun looks flat compared to moon

The sun looks very nice, but I’d cut down on the size of the atmosphere. Make it end closer to the earth. I’d also make the clouds a bit less transparent. The stars could stand to be a bit smaller as well. It’s a good begining.


Only real thing is the atmosphere. You can use a large halo in center of earth to create a smooth blend of atmosphere unstead of how sharp it is (learned/saw from a fellow blenderhead).

the atmosphere is WAY WAY WAY smaller than that! otherwise not bad. But man, it’s about a thousandth of that distance from earth.

I know the textures you have used for sun moon and earth, did you use the bump map for the moon or earth?
The sun spots are there because of the image used i applied a yellow halo with just the rings slightly bigger than the sun to give it that glowing effect. The earths atmosphere needs to be very very close to earth so use your existing sphere make it smaller and apply the cloud texture to the atmosphere to give it a more floaty rasied look then use nor csp or ref in a combination of yr choice to give them some depth and make them reflect a bit

I would make the atmosphere mit particel.

If the sun is your light source, the shadows would definetly be a lot different, as well as the shading of the moon. The earth’s lighting would be a lot different as well. It doesn’t really make sense to have a sun there but have the objects have totally different shading than it would be if the light were coming from the sun.

Now that I read that, it doesn’t really make sense, but oh well :stuck_out_tongue: .



all critics done are condivisibles…


Thanks for all your critiques! I really needed to change the atmosphere on the earth and maybe make a particle. I also needed to change the shadow on the spaceship - take out completely. I think it’s coming along pretty good and all of the divx on my website. Thanks a lot!

Hey, like it, but somehow the “shield” you have there for the earth doesn’t look right at all. Also that the sun look odd. Yeah, I know this texture is sun’s texture, but I think it was made for more close-ups of sun. This far sun should be just a bright halo, nothing more.

Just my thought. 8)

hehe, i hope u mean atmosphere by saying sheild? :wink: thats what i thought at first too, but meh…
good scene, i love space scenes…the stars are huge though, i think the people here had good comments u should use to make this pic a masterpeice 8)

Here is an update accounting for all of the comments you all made. Thanks a lot!

Looks much better, just a few things, the atmosphere is still way to far out, the montains are about 3-4 miles high, the moon is about touching the atmosphere, the moon also looks to be about 700 or some miles in diameter, and the shadow of earth is bigger than the light. Where in real life more of the earth is light than dark
Check out this tutorial (for lightwave though:)

Thanks for the tut, acasto. I had thought about some of those things before, but the size and cloud map tips really helped!

looks really nice…good job!

what a difference! beautiful! making the stars smaller and the atmosphere fixing and tweaking in general really make a difference…