Nascar Car Updated

(dickie) #1


(valarking) #2

need a bit of sharpening on the edges, too round, but overall it’s looking good.

(BgDM) #3

Nice improvement dickie! As far as the sharper corners on the car, NASCAR cars do not have any. They are very rounded and smooth.

I still say you need to fix the rear spoiler. They do not come out of the trunk deck like a crappy rice rocket Honda fake horsepower wanna be.

Go here and have a look at how they are ->

Nice work dickie.


(dickie) #4

thanks BGDM!!!

(rixtr66) #5

sorry for the late reply,i lost my internet for ahwile,i think over all its good ,maybe a little more smoothing,the key here is extruding the openings correctly,also turn up the shadow samples to 8 or 10 its alittle slow but the effects are better,i also had my gt subsurfs on 4,yeeeeeeowch,but it gives a more glassy appearance.
i think its pretty damn good!


(dickie) #6

rixtr hey thanks a lot man!
i’ll definately give it a try!
did you catch the quicktime
i did for the Brickyard 400?

(PILER) #7

hey nice car dickie =) the only sugestion i have is to just use a texture for the headlights, because the wayu made themthe look like they are actually there and… nascars dont actually have headlights they are just decals

(dickie) #8

Latest piece of crap car car.

(dickie) #9
here’s a still in a news monitor…