NASTY Problem with Blender

Well, i installed Blender 2.40 and when i ran it, the GUI looked like a very low quality JPG image, aside of each time i tried to open a menu, or zoom in/out, it transformed into some sort of weird fractal, like the one that shows the following image:

Now, i tried uninstalling/reinstalling Blender 2.40 and reinstalling the older version, and sadly, it looked the same. My computer has an Nvidia GForce2, which drivers i reinstalled again. I tried to tweak the card settings, the color depth, i cleant the Register, checked all the common problems topic, and it´s still the same.

Finally, i´m running Windows XP with all the proper upgrades, so, if someone could enlighten me about a way to fix this, i will be tremendously happy…

-Sorry about my english and Imageshack btw-

did you try running it through the console?
Start>>Run>>Cmd then type (or first navigate to the blender directory first if you need to) blender -w -d
This will give you a little extra start up info in the console, and force it to open in a window instead of maximized.

according to your screenshot, something looks like its trying to zoom the whole program. But this may all be wrong.

Already tried, and still doesn´t work :frowning:

What kind of system do you have? Have you upgraded your video card drivers to the most recent version? I would start by doing that.

This looks like you have the hardware anitaliasing on. . . that could be it (being blurry and all). Try turning it off. Also, try switching to 16bit color just for kicks to see if it works.

I have a GeForce4 and Blender runs fine. I think it has to do with your card settings. Are you drivers directly from

Problem Fixed, thanks Jaycun, it was the HW antialiasing. It still doesn´t work with 2.40 but at least i can use the 2.37 (fine for me :slight_smile: )