Nasty Weight Paint, kill me

Hello, If you take a look at my blender file. I have some struggle with weight painting. (W P )

I have try every thing to get every vertex painted.

I think the problem hav to do with the inside the shoos.

First I conect the shoos with the lower leg with Ctrl + J and W P. Dont work.

I select the shoo with L and drag it out from the leg and W P feet and lower leg and disconect the paint from the shoos and drag it back to the feet.

Maybe there is paint left inside the shoos.

Do you have any ideas how to solve this nasty irritating problem.

Yhank you in advance.:mad:


Albert.blend (535 KB)

Yes indeed your weight painting is very messy and I know it could be frustrating.
So in order to clean that up, first, join your meshes (Ctrl+J). Then in Pose Mode, select your bones, and Shift-Select your mesh. Press Ctrl+Tab (Weight Paint Mode) and then W: apply Bone Heat Weights to Vertex Groups.
It would be better, now adjust the weight if necessary for each bone (for the eyelid maybe).
Another thing: your Armature modifier must be first in your stack, and then your Subsurf.

If you find it difficult to paint the weight, there are a couple of tips that could help you.

  1. Use Alt-B to set a clipping border around the bone you work on.

  2. In edit mode, if you hide some parts of the mesh, you can’t weight paint these parts.

So for example, if you work on the Low Eyelid, select your mesh and go in the Edit Mode.
Select a vertex and press Ctrl+L (linked vertices). All your Low Eyelid is selected now.
Press Shift+H so all your mesh will be hidden but your low eyelid.
Go in Weight Paint Mode. You can only paint the weight of the low eyelid now, even if you see the entire mesh.
Process in the same way for the other bones (Alt+H will unhide the other parts in Edit Mode).
Hope it helps.

Yhank you very much. Very important and good news.

Armature, before subsurf in the stack and shift H, to hide the other object vill help.

If you are trying to weight paint an entire object, i.e. a shoe, wouldn’t it be easier to assign a vertex group and move that?