Natabata Interior Project

(Andri Iskandar) #1

Hello, newcomer here.

Just started learning Blender few months ago, and this is my first serious renders using Blender & Cycles. Color corrections done in lightroom.


(birdnamnam) #2

Seriously, these are some of the finest interior renders I’ve ever seen. New to Blender, but I’m sure you aren’t new to 3d. These are works of a professional and seasoned artist.

(GloriaTheAnimator) #3

HOLY WOW THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING the composition the colors are so wonderful i never knew interior renders could be so interesting all the other ones are a bit generic and boring you did a great job on this as a old blender user im a bit jealous lol

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(anas) #4

nice work !!!

(David Waters) #5

Masterful… excellent job

(Flavio Della Tommasa) #6

You rock, man!
excellent work!

(Andri Iskandar) #7

Thank you for your kind words. I feel welcomed here.
Yes, I have been working as a architecture visualizer for a long time, and I would like to start using blender as the main tool as soon as possible.

(Andri Iskandar) #8

Thank you! I feel the rendered display mode is helping me a lot to find a nice composition and colors.
Well, I’m jealous also since you have more experience in Blender : )

(Andri Iskandar) #9

@alf0 @DavidWaters @Magogg Thank you, I’m glad you liked my work

(Fidel Rukundo) #10

Dude, if not a secret, how long have you been using blender (you said months?) and for how long have you been in 3D?

(Andri Iskandar) #11

Using blender 2.8 since early this year. Used to learn 2.78 long time back but I gave up after a week hehe. Have been in 3D industry for about 18 years as architecture visualizer.

(JoniMercado) #12

Hi! first of all, great job on all the details. I know for a fact that creating detailed renders with lot’s of assets is very time-consuming.
With that said, I would like to express that I feel it has flat lighting. It may look better with more contrast between the lights and shadows.
Good job overall.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #13

You’re #featured! :+1:

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(Gabriel Prado) #14

Great work, I love your composition, looks really good.

If you don’t mind me asking, what software did you use to work before learning blender? What made you want to use blender as main software?

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(MDR43Arch) #15

This is excellent work - now, I’m speaking as an architect, so bear with me: in real life, however beautifully composed & furnished a space (as this is), & however superbly lit (also), there is a cold & un-inviting effect of raw concrete, steel furniture, etc., in a residence. It all, historically, expressed a purist wish to avoid mindless over-ornamentation in architecture & interior design, as had become traditional in earlier periods. I suggest to my clients who appreciate modernism as a style, that they let me use fabric elements & warmer lighting to ensure that their spaces are welcoming & warm in emotional effect. Here, it would be wonderful (putting you to more work…) to see this same interior treated in such a manner, if you would find it interesting. Congratulations, regardless.

(MDR43Arch) #16

Andri - your compliment (above) from Mr. Birdnamnam is a compliment, indeed, as he does superb work, also.


Nice work! I switched to Blender for a few months myself too and have to say I’m staying. Love the software and the community.

(rd2studio) #18

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Is it me or does it feel like we, the AMAZING BLENDER USERS, are creating content that meets or exceeds the quality of 3D Max and Vray users? CG development to a whole new level!
Congrats Andri! This looks really good. Excellent use of the camera zoom factor and displacement of materials. One thing I would like to see from you…lets add a little dirt somewhere in the scene or dust particles. That would knock this into the next stage of realism.

Brilliant job!


Awesome :+1:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #20

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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