natalie w.i.p.

i don’t normally post my work, i decided to tonight with my newest project. I started this 3 hours ago using the basics that i learned from torq and the 3d max tutorial for Joan of arc on 3dtotal. the entire thing is made with extruded planes.

next on my agendas for this project:
*tweeking the head a little aswell as the face
*the search for the best body

stay tune for more up dates…

crits and comments more than welcome

looks good, it definately resembles her.

The nose needs to be more defined around the sides of the nostrils. You have a few weird seams in there, nothing bad, but something to look at. This could be different with a different view, but I think the outside edge of her brow could be a little more defined. That being said, it definately has a likeness to her. The front looks just a little off too, though it’s very hard to tell though when it is not lit like a real scene. I am anxious to see where this goes. It’s looking good so far. :slight_smile:

With Michel Roger’s tut, you’re in good hands!

It looks like the lips should be fuller, the outside of the brows padded out, the nose/lip join should be lower, the forehead flattened some, but continue to angle back as it is. There appears to be depressions running both sides from the inner eye corners to just outside the nostrils. But, it is very hard to tell from here, so it may just be the lighting in the pic. Should I assume that if your’re working on the head, then the body is done?

Very good start, good job IMHO. Good luck, looking forward to seeing your progress.


Thanks for the crits i will keep you all posted as to the outcome
current works on project 1 of 6

You are doing a pretty good job so far. The body doesn’t look shaped quite right yet, but it is getting there. You seem to have a few places where she is flat (though not so much in other places. :wink: ) like her hands and inside her elbows. For the eyes, there should be less of a ridge in the inner corners. It might help if you have a little hand mirror to look at some of the features, that’s what I do. it really looks pretty good. Once you get eyelashes and some facial features, the modeling is very good, so it should be a pretty close likeness of her.

:edit: Yeah, looking at the full head shot, the eyes are definately not right.

I think the eyes are too out the face. Try getting them inner. About the body, it needs to look more natural. Take a look at the arms muscles. But keep it up, I’d love to see Natalie in a wip.

thanks for the feed back yetzero and blazer, i agree with both of you 100%. the eyes come out way too far, the nose is too thick, even though though the model is based on a pre nose job picture. the arms are 2 big for a woman. like i had mention in my blog earlier this month this model is just one of 6 model of the same subject matter. even if i make a perfect replica with number 2, i will still need to do the other 4, to improve my skills.

critqing is how we learn and build our skills, so thanks guys.