Nathankry's Sketchbook

Hello! Welcome to my sketchbook! I haven’t done a lot of blender, but recently I’ve started getting back into it, and will use this sketchbook to display everything I have created.

Here’s the Lightsaber with glowiness and a companion.

A simple gold ring…

I have been testing randomr materials in blender, and made this diamond, and included a few rings, just to make it feel more expensive.

Updated clean version of the diamond; used more render samples this time.

HighPoly render of newest project, untextured so far.

Another gun, based loosely upon AK rifles, more with a sniper look though.

Idea for a simple hourglass which took a few hours to create. Mainly having fun with the node setups and materials.

A few throwing knives, maybe for use in a game.


Beretta_92_FS Using modeling image as texture:

Nice lightsabers. I think the glow might be a tad too strong and they usually have a white core to them, but nice design on them.

Thanks! The glow is just a halo material in internal renderer, so its not too fancy. I made a few revisions to it using your advice. :yes:

See? Now THAT looks more like a lightsaber :smiley:

I did a lightsaber once, but I used the compositor’s glow. Gives it a little bit of a more natural, soft fall off than the halo. Then again, I also used cycles :smiley: