Nathan's Sketchbook

I got my first pen tablet a week or 2 ago and just started getting used to it :smiley:
Here’s my first Sketch in Photoshop!

Welcome to the fun world of digital drawing :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: Glad to be part of it!

Found these awesome brushes online and thought about sharing them with you all :smiley:

Download the brushes here!

Another sketch that I made today :smiley:

I am making my first short film! Starting with the design of the characters :smiley: I’m gonna be working on the design part for quite a while. I want to be happy with it before I move on to the next stage!
Here is the Father…

the Mother…

And the child…

Welcome to the world of digital painting. To make your sketches that tiny bit nicer, you could try and lower the opacity of the layer your sketch is on and than throw another layer on top. Than trace and clean up your drawing using the faded original as a guide.

I found the pen opacity brush (in the default brushes)with a flow of about 40%-50% works nicely for this also brush size is mapped to pen pressure to vary the line weight.

For sketching mypaint actually suited me better than photoshop it has nice pencil, charcoal and other natural media brushes though I am not a fun of mypaint’s eraser and I struggle to produce hard edges with it as well. Its brushes tend to be good for soft and lost edges though.

Here is a character I created! Hope you like it. I’m gonna be updating it up in Photoshop soon!