NathanWilkinson's Christmas WIP

Here is my first draft for the latest Blender Guru Competition.

I would appreciate some feedback… :slight_smile:


Feels very finnish :smiley: (Blue and white)

It’s looks great for sure!
But I don’t really get the feeling that it is christmas. It lacks a certain homely warmth, it feels, for a lack of a better word… sterile.

Maybe this is what you are going for, but personally, I would like some more color in the mix, maybe with some flowers/plants, paintings, furniture, etc.

This is looking very good! I think what needs the most improvement is the hair.

I like where your going with this Nathan but you should recheck your scaling of each object relative to one another. Meaning things like the size of the child relative to the stairs and light switch height on the wall seem to be off. A like switch should be approx. 40"height and each step should be about 7 to 8 inch rise and 10 to 11 inch run. I think also your kids proportions are a bit out of wack of course depending on what age your going for. Base on the slenderness of the body and arm span I would say the kid is like 10 or 12 and I think your going for 6 to 7. Keep going though I think this could be great:)

love the look and coloring of the image, my only issue is the hands. I almost think that there is too much detail, they look to old for the person.

Thanks guys I’ll post an other update tomorrow :wink:

Here is Saturdays update:

I would love to hear some more feedback :slight_smile:

Latest version…

More C&C’s would be appreciated :slight_smile:

That is looking very good! The hands look a little bit unnatural though, it looks kind of like the fingers are perfectly straight which I don’t think is a very natural position. I think that if he is stretching out his hands all the way, his fingers might even bend back very slightly. Also they look a little bit creepy and and bony, especially his left hand. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the tip ItialianJoy :slight_smile: I appreciate it. :smiley:

How does this look?

Just playing with the colors…

What do you guys think?

It’s looking great!!