National Geographic - Evacuate Earth - Visual Effects Reel

National Geographic - Evacuate Earth - Visual Effects Reel
Software used: 3DS Max, Blender 3D, After Effects, Photoshop
All visual effect shots created by Nathaniel Evans

That was crazy cool! What is this for?

It was for National Geographic, a show called “Evacuate Earth”
I used Blender3D to create the smoke, fire and meteor shots. This was my first time trying Blender3D and was very pleased.

wow really good work! Can we have some more info on the project? What did you use blender for? What engine did you use to render?

Thanks and grats!

Very nice, hope you know the music is from Elder Scrolls Oblivion.


Epic! :eek:

Now, tell us more! Just be warned that if Blender isn’t involved, you’ll be brought to the stake. :evilgrin:

The existence of Humanity is threatened as a cosmic anomaly hurdles through space on a collision course to Earth. It shows no mercy as one by one planets fall to its destructive rage. To thwart the threat extinction, the nations of the world came together and created a vessel to carry only a handful of the Earth’s population to a brand new world in order to survive. As the destructive anomaly enters our Solar Sytem, Saturn becomes just a numberless victim as it moves closer to our planet. Inside, the people start there lives inside the new completed vessel to replicate just a fraction of the homes they once knew fitted with a stable and pure ecosystem.

As the anomaly reaches Earth, meteors fall from the sky destroying countless homes and lives knowing that there is nothing that can save them. The gravitational forces of the “star” that appears in the sky above creates something that will soon be just a fleeting memory as their world around them begins on the same path many other objects in the cosmos has faced. As unique and devastating the event has become, all around the world they all experience the same event. As the sea level rises and cites fall, thousands of years of human achievement are destroyed in mere minutes. Magma deep with the Earth’s mantle erupts as the cracks form in the crust of our former home.

Back on the ship, bound to a new planet, the inhabitants that are traveling on their cosmic journey can’t not phantom what the people on the planet are facing. Some may feel guilty while other feel a sense of relief to have their lives spared within the capsule as the people back on Earth are burned, drowned or even sucked up into the sky into the disintegrating atmosphere. The home that housed humanity for over 10,000 years, Earth, is no more than a mere memory.

Now that I got my Sir Patrick Stewart moment out of the way, I have to say that it is a stellar performance that you made. I love the Space Shuttle/Jet Hybrid. But I agree with Kaluura that if no part of the video was using Blender, then forget the stake! Send him to the gallows so that I may fling rotten fruit towards thy digital face. Just kidding…or am I (o_O) ?!

Why was that kid playing in fiery crater?

Absolutely amazing! Bravo! I would say this was epic, but the word epic has been devalued and bastardized by pop culture. It was monumental!

I see you drew inspiration from Project Orion ^_-

Loved the reel and LOVED the music! Instantly took me back to tamriel.

Sorry I have not made a response yet, been busy… I used blender3D for all of the smoke, explosions, meteors and meteor hits. I am very new to blender and still learning, but from what I’ve seen with blender3D I think that you could create a lot of the same work in blender3D. I am still learning blender3D and planning on using blender3D more through out my next projects.

The ground was sinking in on him.

haha, did you type out this whole synapses yourself?

You mean summary, right?

I love the design of the interior of the ship. Looks just like The Whorl from Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun series.

Yes, summary.

Wow! This looks amazing!

Really really good VFX and simulations.


Yup, did the whole thing.