National Novel Writing Month

I just heard that November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). First I’ve heard of it! Anybody else know about this?

yeah, and it’s about over…looks at word count 72,235…I win again…although nothing like last years 125k word blow out…

I’ve tried participating too, and came to a dazzling 200 words, because at that time school started throwing large chunks of school-unpleasantness at me.

125k tho… That’s 2.5 times the goal! That’s some achievement, man!

Why do I find out on the 28th?!
128k is even over novel length… not that the word count determines quality, right?
As was once said: an author can fit about any amount of info into about ant amount of space. In some book there was a chapter with the text: “Chip, I’m pregnant.”
Ah well, I didn’t have any time to write my own book, let alone one for a competition.