Native American [WIP]

Working on a indian model, it’s almost finished except the hands. I plan to make them now, I already started unwrapping it. And there is only the hands left, I just wonder if maybe someone would like to help me fix the unwrapping when it’s done. Like rearrange the UV map, and fix errors? I will upload the blend in a minute, you are welcome to tell me what to “fix”.

Looks like a really great start, man :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, ok added ears and hands. I think the modeling work is done now. I started on the unwraping, this is what I get after placing the seams and clicked unwrap. Maybe you can tell I don’t like it:eyebrowlift2: If someone could help me fix the UV or help me place the seams I would really appreciate it. Since I’m stuck :eek:

I’m not going to be much help on uv mapping. I just now to mark loops as seams when you want to make and island. And pinning is a big help when you unravel and distribute the UV’s. And using the checkerboard option when creating a new image is really helpful when working out the distribution of the UVs… You probably knew most, if not all, of that though :slight_smile:

It depends the destination of your model. If the engine supports mirroring, try to mirror some aeras it will speed up and unify texturing process.
Another basic advice i could give you in the same fashion as Fuzatron is to position seams in hiden areas like between legs for exemple, because they are difficult to erase in gimp.

ah yes i forgot:

in the uv/image editor, there is a cool option: view/ view properties/…
then switch “uv stretch” play around with it and you will understand…