native english little help needed


i’m working on a short that will be surrounded by some texts, in spanish and translated to english, if there is any native english speaker that wouldn’t mind to watch the premiere of my short and tell me about grammatic mistakes i would be pleased

Thanx in advance for your time

Ángel Quijada Álvarez

Any number…
Post a link and we could reply on this thread…
Or PM a link if you want to keep it ‘under wraps’

I’d be glad to help too (I’m a native english speaker and I can hold my own in spanish).

bit of advice… why don’t you post the english to be checked before your render the animation or if its a bit secret pm someone with it.

saves rendering and re-rendering after the spell check

just a thought


Thanx you all for your aid, but text is corrected (and render was done a week ago;-))

i’ll publish as soon as my musician record the music

thanx again and sorry about my late response (i got no advice on my mail about your response)

thanx to all…

you will have news about “acarus safari” soon

-Ángel Quijada