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Could someone please summarize this


short pdf for me?

Its four pages in big letters of juridicial english and i understand


Thank you in advance, dear Blenderheads.

If I get anything wrong, please feel free to correct me.

I want compensation because I think the FSF is being unfair.

Whose responsibility it is to decide who is right.

Seems to be citing a previous law or something similar that justifies his complaint.

Who is involved (D. Wallace and FSF)

Wallace is saying that the price fixing occured in Indiana, BestBuy, CompUSA and the internet.

Wallace is saying that the GPL is a price fixing scheme designed to prevent other people (such as himself) from making money from writing software.

Wallace says that the GPL is ruining the software market.

Request for relief:
This section states that the GPL shouldn’t be allowed to be used for price fixing.

Basically it’s one guy whingeing that because most people releasing software under the GPL make it free of cost, the GPL ruins the software market and makes it harder for him to make money. He delibrately avoids mentioning that software is usually released free of charge and instead uses the term “price fixing”.

I may have interpreted it wrong, but that seems to be the gist of it.

What an idiot. GPL doesn’t fix the prices of the software. GPL explicitly does not fix the price of the software. All it assures is that the product, while open source, must remain GPL.

That most of the GPL software is free of charge is the choice of the developers, not some GPL conspiracy to rob D Wallace of his cash.

Yes, this guy is flakey. Do a search at www.groklaw.net on the subject.