Nativity (caustics with Yafray)

I wanted to practice using glass and caustics with Yafray and with Christmas coming I did this image:

I may be a little early, but anyway: Happy Christmas !

definately looks glassy, except there’s no bubbles (good luck). Merry Christmas

No religious topics or you will be shot and killed on site.


lol, nice image, however I would think they’d have more of a definitive shape. Of course I no little of glass art.

nice indeed!

It took me a minute to recognize what it is. Very clever.

I just noticed Baby Yeshua is glowing, is He the Light of the World? lol

Wow excellent.

I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a religious topic, and besides, we should be sticking to the modelling, rendering, etc.

Nice glass. I would think it would be more transparent, but I also know about nothing about doing glass. The caustic effects are pretty.

I don’t understand the blue reflection in the bull. It doesn’t seem to be in the right place.

Have you thought of trying an Indigo render of this?

It needs caustics IMO. Duplicate your main light source and then change it into a photon lamp.

Alvaro, I did what you said but I don’t see any difference in the render. Maybe I have not understood it.
I had used 4 emitting pannels and, in the same places I had put 4 arealights. If I duplicate the arealights and convert the resulting lights to photon lights, the resulting renders show no difference.
Another problem in my image is that the glass seems no transparent at all. Maybe this is the reason.