Natron: open-source cross-platform compositing software


As lead of the development, I would like to introduce you to a new cross-platform and open-source nodal compositing software: Natron .

Natron is 100% OpenFX v1.3 compatible , you can see a non exhaustive list of most of existing plug-ins here .
This means most compositing tools such as Sapphire from Genarts or Furnace by the Foundry work totally in Natron. You’re not a commercial plug-ins fan ? Fine ! Many open-source OpenFX plug-ins exist, notably the major suite TuttleOFX.

Also Natron uses many other open-sources projects in order to provide the end-user some flexibility: OpenColorIO for colour management and OpenImageIO for image reading/writing.

For now, 32/64 bits build are available for MacOSX (>= 10.6) and Windows 64 bits (32 bits coming soon).

Please check it out and give us some feedback on Natron’s Forums or via the mailing list natron at inria dot fr.



Interesting. I will pass the info onto the Los Angeles peeps.
Good luck,

Did you notice Jahshaka is back again and moving to Qt 5:

Jahshaka has claimed several times in the past that they are back. I hope the project is for real this time. I wish the team luck and success. I tried using it a few years ago for a gig and I had some issues getting it to give me quality output. I did like the multi-head control since I was doing it for a live event. It’s compositor is very basic.

It would be nice to have a good FOSS compositor. But with Blender’s 3D and other tools it’s hard to even consider an alternative unless it does something really, really well and better than Blender.

Blender’s compositor is listed as one of the targets for Gooseberry development. Hopefully that will be a fruitful endeavor. Pun intended! ; )

So good luck to Natron, Jahshaka and Blender especially since these are very exciting tools to have in the FOSS community.

Ty @MrKepzie

Looks an amazing development

testing now !!!

Natron is also using Qt. It works with Qt4 or 5, I think this is the best library for desktop user interfaces.

There was an update today.

I just checked it out…and to put it simply, its amazing! Literally its a direct “copy” of Nuke, even the logo mimics the foundry’s product. I don’t mind really.

Hmmm @ SaintHaven’s comment. I’ll check it out. Even though Blender has a full featured compositor, alternatives are good IMHO. Especially since so many of us have a multiple software package workflow. So I am interested in the workflow between Natron and Blender.

Good luck at SIGGRAPH Natron team. Please post a report on how your BOF goes. Thanks.

I just checked it out on Windows and as far as I can tell Natron can not import any video…?

Is it just me or is something major missing? Natron only seems to work with image sequences. I can’t imagine using a system where I have to convert all my video to images and worry about audio synch issues as well. If Natron even handles audio?

This looks awesome! I am definitely going to give it a try . :slight_smile:

I havent dug that deeply into Natron, waiting for v1 to release sometime this month…but I was able to import video with no issues. MP4 included.

I’m on Windows and I’m also able to import a mp4.

Natron is definitely on the right path, but it’s still very early in it’s development. The release this week finally included a tracker, but it’s not the easiest to work with yet.

You guys who are trying it out should definitely participate in the Natron forum. They love going after the bugs and problems.

@hype: Are you using camera footage or some other form of prepared MP4? My MP4 came from a Sony camera. Has anyone tried to import a MTS video file?

I haven’t tried it with Natron, but if you need a way to convert, you can use HitFilm Express.

Ah, maybe that’s it. I was using an mp4 I created. I haven’t tried any raw camera footage out in Natron.

I think I may give it a try on OSX to see if I get a different response. The above post was my experience on a Windows 7 machine.

I did try it on linux 64 bit and only difference is that i get similar to Atom’s message box even on images; video samples were created on the same hardware in Blender. Plugins directory is populated; there is IO.ofx which i assume is Input-Output plugin bundle. What is missing here?

Looks interesting. Is there a manual that can be downloaded?


No manual yet, simpo. But watching some Nuke tutorials should get you started.

Natron 1.0 has been released. They need people testing it and giving feedback. Spread the word.