Natural (ArchViz interior)

This is my first interior project rendering in blender 3d …
software : Blender 3d 2.77a + cycles render
hardware : cpu i3 3.3 ghz + ram 8 go + gtx 650ti 1Go.:o
time render : 50 min/image



Nice work, but i cant figured out where the light come from, i think the shadow are too soft.

Thank you
I work on solution this problem…Wait new render
sorry my language english bad.:eek:

The couch is especially nice!
I agree with SeekerPT though :slight_smile:

thank you :smiley:

I think it is much better in my opinion. Perhaps i put the lights with less intensity.

Oh, man, I love the room but agree the shadows are to soft. Just try it without any color management and where is the Ambient Occlusion set. Something is killing the directional light. Try AO at 0.5 or cut it off altogether for a render. If anything your sun needs more intensity not less in my opinion. Do away with any color management and AO then set your sun and portal. This is going to be really nice.