Natural Camera Shake

I have searched high and low. I found a script for camera shake however I haven’t the slightest on how to take the script and get it into python and working in blender.
So my question is; does anyone know of an update 2.47 working script to add natural camera shake?
I am not sure how to get the camera to have the natural movement during its movement along a path and/or tracking an object.
Does anyone have an idea how to do this?
I am not sure the softbody method works during movement, only upon ending movement.
Advanced camera movement is my weak point in blender.

The Camera Shake is an effect so hard to reproduce. The director of the movie “Surf’s UP” said that… (if you didn’t watch this movie I recomend). There’s a script that I use called “”. To use it just open script in the text window and add a constraint “script” to the camera, the script text will be selectable in the constraint controls, and it is “espetacular”! Very useful… but it is infinite and constant…don’t animate… If you don’t find this in google, ask me and I will try to upload it to you… I don’t know how o upload .py…

You can find a tutorial for a softbodygenerated camerashake here, which might be interesting for you.


Here’s a link to the original thread with download:

Simple PyConstraint: Noise

It hasn’t been updated to work with 2.47.

You could also try to use 3d tracking data from something like VooDoo. Then take the tracked camera animation and add it to your animated camera in blender. I know it’s no quite that simple but it would look the most natural i think. (I think they did something similar for Surf’s Up)