"Natural Cures"

Anybody seen that info-mertial about “Natural Cures”? This guy’s book is supposed to have cures from herpes to diabetes that are all natural, says that “the food industry pourposly puts ingredants in their food that addicts you to it, so you come back for more”; not that I’m believeing this.

Sounds like the MO of the guy who wrote this book, or one of his imitators.

It’s all BS. This guy is a con artist of the worst kind, the kind that doesn’t mind if you die because of his BS as long as he gets your money.

That he is still allowed to operate disgusts me.

not that I’m believeing this

Why don’t you belive this? Other than him being an obvious liar. You know, if you think about it, he is just as bad as the people he talks about, don’t you think?

it may be all crap,
but one cure is for real that i know about,
if you duck tape a cucumber to the back of your neck for a week, your
johnson will grow 3 inches!

:o :o believe it or not :o :o

I love you Wu.
:Z :Z

/me goes to try wu’s idea. :Z

That “Natural Cures” guy does make some good points though. I’ve watched his infomercial a few times and my mom has his book (I haven’t read it yet).

The drug companies really are screwing us over. Maybe not to the degree he believes, but I’m sure they are. It’s all business. And I can honestly say that I haven’t ever taken a drug (prescription or over the counter) that has had any real noticable positive effects on me. When I have a headache or something, I usually don’t even bother with Tylenol or any of those stupid things.

This is true…

Freedom of press.

Heh, kidding?

If I eat a serving of nopales and two glasses of jamaica my diabetes will disappear!

Drug companies love uncured diseases. They get to milk us for all it’s worth to control them.

I’ve seen too much witch-doctory to care. Now pardon me… I must take my leave to go get some peanut butter and ice cubes to get this bubble gum out of my hair…


The main reason I couldn’t read “Cures they don’t want you to know about” is because the guy keeps talking about how the FCC is trying to stop him from doing anything. Even if it was true, it’s so damned annoying that I couldn’t read more than a few pages. Kevin somebody is his name…I saw him on TV and he was annoying there, too.

My girlfriends mom has the book…

… he is kind of a rip off artist… his website is not free to join, but in the book, he is always urging you to visit his website for “more information”

So you buy his book for his “secrets”, and end up needing to shell out more money for the “secrets” he should have shared in his book.

Plus, it’s obvious he chose his book cover, he chose a picture that he thought made him look “sexy”, and not “respectable”.

No, you got it wrong, you have to duct tape it to your crotch. That way it looks like it’s 3 inches longer and the results are instant.

Only trouble is, I haven’t been able to find a 15 inch cucumber.

On the subject of natural remedies, if I was in need of really critical medical help, I’m going to call an ambulance not a homeopath. Natural remedies are just really dilute substances that act more as a placebo. In many ways, that is where their strength lies. The power of suggestion is capable of doing many things. It can even get women into bed with you and that’s something no doctor can do. Unless he prescribes you some rohypnol but that’s another story.

A lot of illnesses are actually based in the mind. Your brain controls the entire development of your body so being able to control it can often lead to very surprising results.


Read the “Natura Cures” section… It’s amazing these guys can get away with things like this.

They get away with this stuff in the US because the FDA doesn’t have any regulations (or very good ones at least :)) regarding supplements.

Therefore, the supplement industry can claim virtually anything about their products and get away with it.

My advise - don’t believe what you hear regarding ANY supplement because the manufacturer is not bound by law to tell you the truth.

Nature cure as the book may be crap, there is alot of truth that things that are found in nature can cure you.

Marijuana can be a good alternative to kimo.

Tunic has been known to reduce cancer in people of India

I think peanuts prevent elstimers

Hot peppers mix with pain cream will make it much more effective.

Garlic thins the blood.

Celery seed oil is a alternative to viagra

Ginseng is good for you sexual organs.

Grease wood can cure caught “Native American medicine”

Aspirin is from a tree, we all know what that can be use for.

Alot of info can be found about chinese medicine.

Celery can be made into a extreamly potent poison. Try that.

Arsenic is all natural.

So is sionide: who wants some cool-aid?