Natural Drugs

I don’t really know what would be an appropriate subject (title) for this topic, but I do believe it is an interesting one. I think we all know the effect of natural drugs such as coffee and such, but what about the other ones and their effects. And what about the applications of these effects.

I do not do good at going to bed early, so the other day I thought I would try some tea that has chamomile and valerian in it, and it works wonderfully at killing stress and allowing you to relax. I’ve always been curious about stuff like this. Like in certain situations, coffee and caffine can actually speed up thought processes, but then in others it can wear you out and cause ‘unefficient’ effects. I think of time spent during the day as either being ‘efficient’ or ‘unefficient’. If you are feeling sick and jittery, this is not productive, but if the caffeine makes you think creatively, this is good. But then what about concentration, some types of plants such as ginseng can supposedly help you concentrate.

Anyone know of any good tips or things that are good for certain instances? Such as, say your tired but have to finish up a study or work, what is the best thing to do? Or say your not tired, but feel like you have no energy, what then is best to do? Nature has given us such great things, like coffee, but most people, including myself, do not know how to properly harness their strengths to our best advantages.

I don’t really know what would be an appropriate subject (title) for this topic, but I do believe it is an interesting one. I think we all know the effect of natural drugs such as coffee and such, but what about the other ones and their effects. And what about the applications of these effects.

I dont, I prefer to keep it that way and I find this topic offensive.

I understand the negative effects of drugs, both illegal and legal used improperly. But unless you only drink water, and considering you live on Earth in the year 2002, I find that highly hypocritical. Considering alomst everything nowdays has some type of substance in which has some type of effect on the human body. Animals and people alike for thousands of years have used natual substance for good, to heal, to calm, to stengthen, and to enjoy. Now unless you have some type superhuman immune system, or you have something personal against tea, coffee, chocolate, …<forever long list>…, etc… then being offended is simply pointless!

tea sucks, havent tasted it since I was little and i can still remember that crappy ass taste
coffee sucks, makes you addicted and pee more often so I stay away from it
chocolate tastes like crap

So things that you don’t like the taste of offends you?

substances that bring addiction do

What about addictions to lack-of substance, such as annorexia? The mind is a complex object, to catagorize a stance of offense based on something such as addiction is useless, as you will be working hard to constantly change your stance based on the endless list of possible addictions.

What about adrenaline, some would consider this to be an addictive substance?

says you

Ah, but obviously you then have tasted english-style tea. Those guys just ruin the thing by making it WAY too strong, and then - because it’s so damn bitter - they pour MILK in it!
If you’d like to know what good tea tastes like, avoid teabags (use leaves instead), don’t make it too strong (1 teaspoon/cup, simmer for about 3-4 minutes), add a lot of sugar (I use about 3 teaspoons/mug) and if possible, avoid the crap from Lipton at all cost. Also, for more enjoyment, you could try flavoured teas.
Tea, in my experience, does not cause addiction. I don’t get any symptoms if I have to be without tea for extended periods of time, but with coffee… if I use it daily, and then suddenly stop, I get headaches and become grumpy as hell.

wow green, I knew you were against addictive substances, but I never knew you felt that strongely about it.

anyway, the name of the topic suggests that you are talking about all things that come from nature, so does Weed count?
I had some normal vitamin pills when I took my highschool exams, and somehow I did feel a bit peppy. I later found out they contained a whole bunch of sugar. Must be the carbonhydrat in sugar, it can be burned by your body very efficiently and produces lots of energy.



2 years ago i was in a stressfull work situation were i had lots of stomach and sleep problem. My girlfriend go me started on drinking herbal tea and it as tremendously helped me. I now drink tea twice a day (morning and evening). I found from experience and reading that pepermint tea would help with my stomach and that camomille would help me relax when i was overstressed all night.

And btw there is no cafeine in those type of tea.


no, but there is probably soem tea-in (spelling?), the tea equivalent of caffein. It’s less potent though.


substances that bring addiction do[/quote]

Well, that certainly explains your reaction to my “cannibus attack” in the Moon thread.

BTW, I was just kidding.

No no, there’s not even that in mint and camomil “teas” as they contain no tea. Mint tea is made purely of dried mint leaves, and camomil from (surprise, surprise) dried camomil.

First, in no way would I ever endorse my “bad” habbits for anyone else to try, as they are not always the healthiest things to partake in.
But when i got like 0 energy and motivation i do find that a…liberal… dose of caffeen and THC (marijuana) does help keep me anchored to the puter for much much longer than i usually would, and i find myself far more focused and “into” what im doing. Not that the natural motivation is lacking, but at times it definatly helps to have a booster to take away all creative inhabitions that are blocking my way.
Of course there are heath risks in both drinking coffee and smoking weed, but i belive it up to the individual to take that into account for themselves and decide if the risks are worth whatever it is they are getting out of their substance use.
Anwayz… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I’m sure you can all relate to this, but don’t you just hate that feeling when you have plenty of energy and are awake, but just can’t think creatively? It drives me nuts, becase all you can do is sit there and think about how your wasting your time, then it just keeps getting to you more and more.

This is an interesting topic. From a creationist point of view, I would say that natural drugs are the best. I’m not saying aspirin, tylenol, etc are bad, I certainly use them but I mean that nature does provide the answer to a lot of things.
God told Adam in the Bible to eat the Fruit, Vegetables, and SEEDS. we don’t do much of that anymore. Today when I was golfing, a guy was talking to my dad. He said he had a sinus problem, so he took a sinus pill, beer, and was smoking a cigarette.

For example, Apricot seeds which have the highest concentration of B17 in nature prevent and cure cancer.

Ha, you say, a disease couldn’t be a vitamin deficiency.
well, perhaps you have heard of scurvy. over a million british soldiers were lost to scurvy. You know what cures that? Vitamin C. Vitamin Deficiency.
Lots of diseases are vitamin deficiencys.
another example, a guy I know of, his son had something on his hand. it wasn’t warts, but something similar I think, anyway, he was going to go to the doctor to remove them, but they tried zinc. cleared them up quickly.
ginseng is a wonderful example also, acasto.
I think natural drugs are the way to go. Once again, I don’t say you shouldn’t go to the doctor. I mean, if you got a broken leg or something, by all means go, but for a cold, that would be the last place I would go. unless it isn’t going away for an extended period of time.
I think God made us and gave us the tools to heal us.

:-? Medcinal drugs only attck symptoms not the root of the problem,
youre diet. Fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, lagoons thats what humans bodies are sopposed to digest.
Goes and eats some dark chocolet…hmm

Do you have to draw your superstitious religion to this topic too?