Natural envroinment, First try

Hi everyone! All started with a basic scene, just to try, i made a basic ‘forest’ made up of plains with textures on it, then i wanted to make a ‘real’ one, so i ended up doing this.
Everything in this scene is completely new to me, i never tried to do grass / trees / rocks or even putting all of them toghether in a natural envroinment, so is a true complete first try.

After the first hour i achieved this: 1920x1080 @ 50 samples 27 min. on R9 290X

Then after a few tweaks i got this last one. 1920x1080 @ 100 Samples 48 Min.

Still some glossy reflections to fix, what can i add to this scene? What would you change?

Crits and comments very appreciated :slight_smile:


By the way, this is rendered on an AMD card, but is completely flawless, before the 8 of may i ALWAYS used my gpu for rendering, even complex scenes without any problems, since that day, all the renders were broken. Yestarday i choosen by mistake the gpu rendering and with my surprise was perfect. do i have any possibility to be able to render my scenes with the gpu again?
( it’s pretty strange )