Natural Swine Flu Prevention

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the new strain of swine flu that has infected hundreds, and killed several people in Mexico and other parts of the world. Many people fear this will turn into an epidemic, possibly killing hundreds of thousands in the future. There is a drug available to combat this illness called Tamiflu, however this drug has a lot of unwanted side effects including “Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); confusion, hallucinations, or other unusual changes in behavior; fever or sore throat; reddened, blistered, or swollen skin; seizures; severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhea.” (Source:

Obviously nobody wants these horrible side effects so I looked for alternatives.

I’ve been doing some research and I found some natural ingredients with antiviral properties that you can add to your food to help you keep a healthy immune system and to help prevent you and your family from falling ill with the swine flu.

Here are the ingredients:

-Star Anise-
“Star anise has been used in a tea as a remedy for rheumatism, and the seeds are sometimes chewed after meals to aid digestion. Shikimic acid, a primary feedstock used to create the anti-flu drug Tamiflu, is produced by most autotrophic organisms, but star anise is the industrial source. In 2005, there was a temporary shortage of star anise due to its use in making Tamiflu. Late in that year, a way was found of making shikimic acid artificially. A drug company named Roche now derives some of the raw material it needs from fermenting E. coli bacteria. There is no longer any shortage of star anise and it is readily available and is relatively cheap.”


-Maitake Mushrooms-

“Maitake is thought to have potential value in the treatment of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and diabetes. Maitake’s primary polysaccharide, beta-D-glucan, is the one considered most promising for use against cancer and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). adaptogen, T-cells, anti-cancer, anti-viral, fatigue.”

-Reishi Mushrooms-

“Reishi has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years to treat asthma, cough, fatigue, insomnia, and weakness. Today it’s regarded as a remedy for high blood pressure and high triglycerides, and is used as a supportive treatment during cancer chemotherapy. Unconfirmed studies suggest that it may also be effective against altitude sickness and chronic hepatitis B. The mushroom’s active ingredients, called ganoderic acids, appear to combat high blood pressure and reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They may also discourage blood platelets from clumping together, thus reducing the risk of dangerous clots.”

-Shiitake Mushrooms-

"Shiitake although the immunity-boosting action of lentinan appears to be responsible for most of Shiitake’s beneficial effects, the mushroom does contain other medicinal compounds as well, including cortinelin, an antibacterial agent that kills a variety of disease-causing germs. Still other ingredients appear to have cholesterol-lowering properties.”


I would advise everyone to take preventative measures before the virus really hits “pandemic” proportions.

Please share this information with everyone you love. It could save someone’s life.

Take care guys = )

Disclaimer: BlenderArtists must not be used as a source for medical information. Never follow any medical advice without first consulting your doctor. BlenderArtists cannot be held responsible for any medical advice.

Thanks Plantperson.

Here are a few more tips:

1.The first and most important thing you can do to avoid the swine flu is to keep your hands clean. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer around wherever you go. Be sure and wash your hands after touching any items such as doorknobs, hand rails and bathroom fixtures.

  1. If an outbreak is announced in your town or city, avoid public places where people may be coming in and out from other cities. Bus terminals, airports and train stations should all be avoided if the swine flu is discovered in your region.

  2. Should a major outbreak occur, purchase breathing masks and wear them any time while out in public. Be sure and purchase masks for your children and family as well.

4.Purchase supplements that provide support for your immune system such as selenium. While there is no guarantee that these supplements will protect you, should you catch this swine flu virus your immune system will need all the help it can can get.

If anyone has anything else that has not been mentioned, please post it here. I’ll be updating this thread as I come across new information or anti-viral food ingredients that may help against the swine flu.

Natural foods does not count as medical advice imho. So it’s perfectly fine with me at least, the mods have to decide for themselves.

I’m all for natural foods myself, and eat it regularly, no additives, no preservatives
and I eat raw vegetables as a part of a meal as often as possible. You’d be amazed
what health effect that would have on your body if you guys did that too.

If you’re just “starting out” becoming healthy - eating healthy foods, I have
some helpful advice for you (because I was the WORST junk-food addict for YEARS).

Take the 14-days survivor test:

You may wonder what that is all about, well - it’s all about sticking to
the food you KNOW is good for you, but you may not like - but stick
with it, until you actually like it, you’ll be amazed to find out that your
body will become SO happy that you can stay awake for longer hours,
become fresher, healthier in no time (the body is an amazing thing!)

Do I have to eat the healthy foods I hate?
No - not at all, the second trick
is to make a list of ALL the things you actually LIKE, that is healthy,
again - you’ll probably be surprised on how many things that end up
on that list, and no - chocolate does NOT count as healthy, although
60-70% chocolate (you know, with less fat, more chocolate) is actually
good for you once in a while - in moderation.

Stay away from Cola Zero and other light products, these are NASTY
chemical mixtures, it’s better than cola with sugar, but still nasty.

If you where like me once, you’ll probably end up having diarrhea when
you’re “switching” for the first time, this is called “cold turkey” reactions
and simply means your body is “adjusting” to your new habits, this
is HARD for the body…although what it has been begging for years
and you never listened…now all of a sudden you do? Chock…!

You can switch step-by-step, eg…if you where used to binging on
coca cola, beer, or other beverages not good for you…every day,
you can start out by replacing them with natural homemade juice or
just water every second day…then after a week…every 3rd day.

Don’t become a fanatic
though…if you do - you most likely will
go belly up and go back to your old ways - big time, meaning
doing even much worse than before (know that, been there!)

Do enjoy what you really like (of the junk food, beverages etc.)
eg…once each weekend or less, you deserve this reward and
as a side-bonus, you’ll possibly end up noticing how GROSS this
chemical stuff actually taste, and your taste-buds will end up
craving the good stuff!

It took me a REALLY long time before I noticed, I also gave up
a few times over some years, (yeah yeah…I know…for some
people learning …takes longer :eyebrowlift2: )

But then the magic happened, one day…when going to McDonalds
to enjoy my favorite fast-food (yes…bad taste, I know…but I used to
love that stuff!)…the burger didn’t taste good, it was flat, and the
fries where like chewing on bricks of fat.

Not to mention, I felt really bad after a while…now THIS is GREAT
because now my body knows the difference and tells me what
it wants by rewarding me with “great feelings” when I feed it the
right stuff, and punish me when I stuff it with useless junk.

I’ve noticed a DRAMATIC difference in my health

I used to get the FLU twice a year, and it usually starts slow,
then heats up and is terrible for 2 weeks, and it takes 3 months
to “recover” without coughing now and then after that, I used
to end up at least each second year…with lung disease where
the flu has reached my lungs, and have to be on penicillin prescribed
by my doctor (more information than I should give the internet…but
what the hey…if it can help you, it’s worth it!)

I still catch the flu when people in the public buses cough on my neck
or in my face without covering up (rude b…, but thats people for you)
but it lasts for a few days, not MONTHS!

Do YOU know what THAT MEANS? It means my immune system
has recovered somewhat, why do you think that is?

Ok - so you’re convinced, now, what book am I trying to sell you?
Not a single thing, this is free, gratis advice from me to you…besides
I’ve not written any health books and probably wont…ahem…we’re
side tracking, I’m just trying to making it a lighter read :wink:

So what do you do? What food do you eat? Where do you start?
You start by looking at the “health” pages that your government has
put up for your benefit, just google these in your language, and you
WILL find them - they’re there!

Look for SIMPLE and TASTY recipes to get you off to a good start,
make a schedule…so you’ll have some variations each day, and
notice how much healthier you eat…it doesn’t have to be hard or
annoying - the entire plan is to get you happier and more resilient to
viruses and bacterias.

No one can avoid getting infected by a Virus, a virus is THAT nasty,
but you CAN make your immune system STRONGER - and
thats the entire cure, right there!

Good luck!

I’m quite into this basic and primitive deriatives myself so thanks for posting that up. I will keep it on board in case I get the chills or other first symtoms of the said flu.

I’ve read that the pig flu is only contagious with heavy tongue action. So don’t.
Only eat at McDonalds for a month or so. They have all kind of cleanliness control. Also drink a lot of diet cola cause that water is purified. Eating veggies can have all kinds of diseases. The people that pick that stuff are probably working for pennies and don’t have the cleanest hands if you know what I mean.

Also play lots of games. Inside the house. Outside activities will and wants to kill you.

I’ve read that if you need a surgical mask to prevent getting the swine flu, you need one of those good quality respirators you can get at places like hardware stores, the cheap masks will just not cut it.

Or just stock up on Tamiflu pills.

Great info, thanks VenomSeven!

Someone mentioned that natural foods don’t count as medical advice… unfortunately this is very, very false. THE FDA (what’s the F for?) goes out of their way to define a drug as anything that can treat, cure or prevent disease. According to the letter of the law (in any country based on common law eg USA, Canada, Britain, Australia) saying that water cures dehydration is actually practicing medicine without a license (unless you have been given MD certification by a medical school). This sounds like (and is) crazy talk, but the FDA has raided thousands of people over issues smaller than this. I personally know someone raided because their organic teas had the “medical health claim” that they helped “heal skin conditions” (yes the wording was as vague as that). If you’re wondering the tea was made of peppermint and nettle. They literally kicked down her door with guns. Unfortunately most of these cases never come to light as standard procedure is to charge families and small businesses with huge amounts of money and then offer to settle out of court for less, with a condition being that they sign a silencing order banning them from talking about “their case”.

All I’ll say on the matter is that almost all chronic diseases are at all time highs right now (about 50% of all western people get cancer, a dramatic increase in the last couple of generations), just as natural foods and treatments are disappearing from most people’s awareness. There are millions of powerful natural aides that are competitors to many profitable industries and can easily be found in under 20 minutes on the internet (for now). Almost all of them have large amounts of peer-reviewed, double blind, published studies (unlike most surgeries). Unfortunately as they weren’t “invented” they are all unpatentable and thus have no marketing budgets. It also costs on average over $40 million to get any cure authorised by the FDA to make medical claims, which an unpatentable product is never likely to make. Their many patentable, profitable competitors however do have large budgets and use them to full effect against competing cures. Any capitalist system then automatically weeds out (pardon the pun) less profitable systems for more profitable ones over time. There are bright sides though. The internet is bringing more of this information to more people than ever (think your grandparents ever heard of reishi?) People taking care of their health tend to outlive those who don’t and when they try something and have amazing “spontaneous remisions” they tend to tell everyone regardless of media interests. And that my friends, is the state of our health systems as they stand today.

The End. :slight_smile: