Hi everyone! I have just finished this music video.

The animation is 100% made with Blender / Eevee, music is composed with Ableton Live.

It shows some camera movements through a natural landscape. It combines lowpoly and normal modeling for the trees, plants and bushes. Particle systems for the leaves, dust and fireflies. Main tree texture and color animation is made with nodes. The last psicodelic part is just a multi layered animation of changing color objects and more particles with a rotating camera. I have also applied denoiser node and hue changes in compositor.

Hope you like it and thanks for the feedback.

The video here:

Some frames of the video:



Beautifull! The video is really inspiring! Really motivates me to make an animation with the same landscape style with self-composed music! Glad I checked your profile!

Thank you Killian.
Just place some trees, plants and bushes and move some cameras at diferent locations. No HDRI or Background image needed.

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