Nature Academy - Cycles Conversions

I decided to attempt to redo some of the Nature Academy scenes using 100% cycles rendering. For the most part it was actually pretty easy, more so than I expected.

The one exception was the grass field, despite some playing around I couldnt get the hair system to look right for grass, so I instead modeled some blades of grass and used a particle system to distribute. It needed more variations to do it that way however, which I didnt really notice until after the final render, but meh, it works in principle.

Hires Links:
Forest Floor

Awesome work, I love nature scenes despite failing to make a good one till today.

How much time did you take render the works?

They are definitely one of the toughest parts of 3D for me. I don’t know if its because they tend to be really complex, or if its just because we see nature every day that it makes it easy to spot fakes. I find it rewarding when you can get close though :smiley:

I like the last one the most :slight_smile:

Me too actually, it just became my desktop background :smiley: