Nature and tehnology: Feedback for this scene with Eevee

Hi there,
I am quite new here and want to share some current work of me for the first time here and want to ask for feedback. The scene is of course not real, but I tried to create it as realistic as I could. I uses Eevee as renderer for the first time.


very good concept… the curb an road …I am guessing… just doesn’t have a strong visual sense of what they are.

I see some small spike looking effects at the roots coming from the board…would rather they were more pronounced and brighter to support the idea of electricity riding thru them. Maybe that area and plant up to led like flower be more lighting.

Good work… hope to see more.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @bachnoral. Yes it should be at a curb. Should I make this somehow clearer?
I will play around with the light intensity. And are the materials good on a scale of 1-10? :slight_smile:

Maybe just a few chips or joint where curbs are made sometimes in sections. Looks like a field trip to check out curbs. Give some more light or maybe even use more lights to make the eye move thru the scene.

really good work, hope to see more.


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Nice work, the shape of the flower looks very realistic. It reminds me of lance leaf plantain:

Yes exactly this plant I used as reference!

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This type of work is actually being tested, in real.

I finished my project now and want to share it with you. Thanks for all your feedback. If you still have some ideas where I can improve my skills let me know.

I separated the curb, added more moss and added some lights at the root tips and between the leafs. And I varied the emission strength of the light paths through the leafs so that they appear more alive.