Nature: Grassland (Updated. See first post)


This is my first attempt at creating a nature based image.

The grass (in two layers) is created using particles with 2 weight-maps (one for density and one for height).

The ground has normal-mapping and displacement mapping applied to it using a cloud texture.


You can Download .blend file here.

Here is an update to my project. I changed the sky and for the grass applied ramp shading, tangent shading, normal mapping with a cloud texture and also increased the strand size.

I still have to work on the lighting a bit. will post an update.

here is the updated render: (click image)

Older pictures for reference

here is the older render: (click image)

cool. the rocks could use a lot of work though. I’d also improve the lighting. great start!

I think the grass would look a bit better if you used the strands feature to make the ends more thin, and also mapped a blend texture to alpha to make the tips more thin. I think the rocks would benefit from a better texture. Also, I think more even lighting on the scene would help. Other than those things, though, it looks nice.:smiley: (And those things should be relatively quick fixes if you feel they’re relevant.) Keep up the good work.:smiley:


You can set the start of the strand to be thicker (i.e. the base of the grass) then the tip which would look better. I had a similiar grassy setup that I was working on a while back to test particles in yafray but I didnt save it… I tend to close blender when I get too pissed off at a scene %|

Adding a grassy texture to the particles themselves might be good… just a random greeny/yellowy texture… not necessarily showing individual stalks.

I’m not sure if you have already or not, but ‘Set Smooth’ the plane of the dirt, and maybe lower the specularity. It’s too shiny for dirt IMHO.

It’s looking very nice though.

Hi Folks. :smiley:

Thank you all for the suggestions. I will apply them to the model. I am out for the weekend, so when i get back i will post the new screenies. I am also planning to add a farm house and some birds to the environment.


Updated the scene. See first post.

wow. the new one are amayzing.

really really good

HI C0Rkn0T.

Thank you. I still have to get the lighting right. Right now its just one lamp with quadratic-sphere fall off, and a little ambient white light.