Nature imitates procedural textures..

(jplur) #1

Found these clouds at work today. (I look at space images all day long :stuck_out_tongue: ) It really reminds me of a perlin cloud texture :slight_smile:

(Shatter) #2

cool, you work for nasa?!

(egan) #3

That’s real!? You’re right, it does look very procedural.

(kbot) #4

It awesome - i can almost make similar in blender.

(Ace Dragon) #5

I guess you can’t call the use of Perlin cloud textures in space images made in Blender crappy anymore.

(jplur) #6

Ok I couldn’t resist trying to duplicate it. I used a couple Voronoi F1-F2 textures. guess which one is real :slight_smile:


(Ace Dragon) #7

Your texture needs more intensity and less transparency, I can easily tell the difference.

(Tynach) #8

Yes. That’s why the procedurals are the way they are. Because they’re realistic and easy to duplicate mathematically.

(PlantPerson) #9

Could you please tell me where you work so I can submit a job application? Thanks.

(Tynach) #10

No, this is more like it:

Made in Blender 2.44.

(Myke) #11

Yeah, sometimes you’d think it’s actually the other way round…while in general, procedural textures imitate nature.

But nice find anyway…it really looks artificial…or, do the textures actually look natural? Confusing :wink:

(jplur) #12

Tynach: wow thats almost perfect! What are your settings for that texture?

And I don’t work for NASA, but I wish I did. I’m working on a couple of picture books of the solar system. I’m constantly amazed at the amount of publicly available images on the internet, here are a few links:

(poromaa) #13

I know this is years later (11) but would still know how this was done. If anyone know, please post a node setup

(ouraf) #14

Well, math itself is a way of expressing the logic of the universe, so it fits

(sundialsvc4) #15

You’ll never look up at the sky in quite the same way again . . .