nature in blender

well basically how would i go about creating a nature scene in blender…? i’m not really concerned about the texturing part… but actual modeling convincing trees with the branches intersecting with trunk and having all leaves assigned to the branches. how could i make something like that? plants can really make scenes with architecture come to life… i hope i’m being clear

Hi JoaoYates,

there is a tutorial on creating trees at blenderguru.
Also another one on grass.



you may also want to have a look at lsys trees. (google it with blender)

You can use the ANT Terrain generator to make landscapes, it comes with the 2.49 bundle, I believe. If not , pull down Meta-Androctos script pack.

Trees and Ivy:

if you want trees/plants for arch scenes, you can use the old image-on-a-billboard technique as an easier/ lower poly alternative to modelling

wow thanks for all the help guys… i managed to do the grass tutorial and it really helped… i’m definetly gonna try the trees as soon as i get some good reference and texture photos and as for billboard technique i’m not so aware of. i didn’t really understand the ivy generator very well but it was a great suggestion as i’d like to have some ‘ivy’ or ‘vines’ on my scenes walls etc… like so

once again thanks for all the help, if anyone knows how i can get that sort of ‘ivy/vine’ look on the walls it’d be great… all the best

Ivy is a stand alone program. The way you use it is is to complete your scene in Blender. Say you have a wall/floor in your scene. Export your wall/floor as an OBJ file. Then import the wall/floor OBJ file into the ivy generator. By placing vine starting points near the wall, the ivy generator will grow along the wall or what ever you import. Then you export the grown ivy as an OBJ file. Then you import the ivy OBJ into your Blender scene and it should match, line up with your wall.

I believe there is a tutorial on that site.

PlantStudio is free, and generates all sorts of plants and wildflowers. It even ‘mutates’ plants. Fun to use.

nice link herbert

@joao here are some explanations of the billboard method:

some of the steps in the second link are not necessary. i can post a simpler method if you like.

there are some really good plant images (even some with transparent background) here

and here

good luck!