Nature rendering : Morning at the Lake

Here is my first try in realistic nature rendering …:slight_smile: there is much work to do, but i think for the first rendering shot it looks good


This looks awesome! Amazing detail, the tree especially is great!

The one thing that bothers me is that the shadows are way too sharp, try cranking up the lamp size a bit. Especially when the sun is that low on the horizon, shadows are very blurred.

Very nice. Looks like photogrammetry. What was your scanning solution?

Nice work! Did you use a displacement map for terrain and tree? I’m curious about the techniques you used for the tree , I was trying something similar.

thx :slight_smile: and thx for the tipps, i’ll try it now to get it in this scene now

@Zeke Faust : thx a lot :slight_smile: for this pic a used 123D Catch for the Tree. Also i tried Photoscan, but the result was not so good for me and the whole scene. Also 123D gave me the result after 12 Minutes, Photoscan used with my PC (16GB, Core I7) 2 hours

@defmaka : thx a lot :slight_smile: so this was a scan with 123D Catch. most of the textures comes with this Software. Here in this example 3 textures. But i made for each texture an node setup, to bump it and give it more realism.

So here are 3 screenshots from the scan : solid, textured, rendered :slight_smile: