nature scene +blend file

Hi all!
here is a nature scene I made today…
It all started out as a small material pack,
then an alpha pack,
then I began to doodle a bit…

hope you all like it…

Here is the blend file, feel free to use anything you want, any way you want :slight_smile:

have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks. I like the flowers. One crit is that the edges of the bricks are so sharp.

hey thanks san_diego_james,

I agree the corners could use a slight bevel …
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: i will fix that next time I render :slight_smile:

I updated the blend file… added a few more textures and 1 more material :slight_smile:

mind submiting this to our repository??

Hi Vitality,

Sure! you can use it :slight_smile:

it would be an honor.

poof thanks. I was wanting to learn how to make vegetation and I would say your blend file will offer a good insight into how to go about it.


PS: Great work.

I was hopping I could render and get the dof in your pic it looks like its post to me. Any way thanks for sharing its one of the things that makes Blender fun.

to avoid any copyright and such problems you are the one that needs to submit the model/s

thank s 2disbetter ,

I may do a Shockwave movie on how to model simple flowers, and plants later on this week if I get some time…

@ shrik
Blender dose not have “dof” to speak of… although you can fake one useing the node system… just set your background is a seperate layer, and tell the node system to render a blur oin that layer…

i did it the old fashoned way, i rendered my scene, then I took everything in the forground and rendered it in one layer, withthe RGBA button turned on so I get an alpha map… then I load up GIMP and my final render and the alpha map image, use the alpha for my selection mask and then do a standard blur 2 or 3 times.

as you can see above I did not get the masking selected properly, and I got a bit of a bloom/blur effect around the edges.

@ Vitality,

Ok, I will take a look, and see if I can upload from this terminal, perhaps I can make it include a Creative Commons licence to avoid copyrite stuff…

you have a nice website, I especialy like al the black and yellow… not a verry common color combo now a days.
seems like everyone is STUCK with makeing Blue, and white and pastel colors when themeing anything now a days.
I look at almost every desktop them for Linux window managers, an I se the same thing over and over.
Blinding white backgrounds, with the smallest black text possible and a shade of blue here and there. (the shade of blue denotes a reason to make a new theme name, so they add a new wallpaper and call it done)
anyways nice site :slight_smile:

ok well I got to get back to my rendering, so I can pay rent this week.

thanks for your intrests everyone :slight_smile: