[Nature Scene] Fall Road

Hi All,

Created the below image from the CG Geek Tutorial series for nature renders. A wonderfully explained tutorial for a beginner like me! :slight_smile:

Apologies that its not an original work, but hopefully with some practice I recieved from the tutorial I can create something of my own now! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to comment or critique the work.



Looks cool but for me, the leaves seems to be a bit too big

technically it looks ok, but i don´t like the look. looks like a fisheyecamera which makes no sense in this scene. and the angle of the sun destroys the contrast of the fall colors. get rid of the frontlighting. and concerning tot the suns position, i think it is too bright, but i might be wrong.

Will def try those variations :slight_smile: they do sound good! The current version is prity much what the tutorial was all about. Will post the new version if possible. Thanks S-Markt!