nature scene

Hi ,
starting a new nature scene today.
here is a nice lava rock shader I made mapped to some stonework meshes:

When I get the floor meshes into the scene I am going to blend in the soil texture, to give it a muddy feeling.

I also made it so the vertex color shows threw, this is what variates them in the different shades of gray…

When I get the floor meshes into the scene, I will paint dirt and erosion, where people walk.

I plan on modeling a few new flowers, and recycling a few from previous scenes.

The natural rocks I will just extract, and reform from the wall to save time.

Here is a Blend file, if you want a closer look:

Here is a wireframe:

well, i allready answered at the subD so wont post it again, too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:
anyways, looking good, only real crit would be lighting witch is obviously a wip so…

Looks pretty real! Nice work… :eyebrowlift:

check out the one in the inished projects section(it was updated :p)

Nice material work,

i like the mossy green, but if a stone is that weathered and plants cover it, it would be much slippery, in terms of mat-setting, you should increase the specularity.

But as it is a wip i think you’ll have already planned that.

Kepp it up.

Hi guys thanks for all the great comments.

I am going to make another material like this later today or tomorrow, I will be using all the suggestions you guys gave here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help

Well, so nicely arranged stones don’t look well for a nature scene. The stones and shader is very uniform, hope that will change.