Nature Sight (WC264)

This is my entry for the WC #264 (‘Sight’):
Nature Sight
Every sight of Nature is worth more then anything a human can make.

C&C welcome :slight_smile:


That’s neat! with a volumetric feeling to it! though i would increase the subsurf levels on the mountains so it looks smooth and put some low energy AO on. if you do this it will look so much better!

my problem is that my person is a very simple silhuette so the realism (if there is any :-D) gets worse but on the whole the atmosphere is in fact improved

here is a version with noise in it


ugh, noise doesnt help at all. You should try to put the dude in a pose, like he is hiking or somthin

kewl stuff

@Jeepster: What? :slight_smile:
@watchthis: This is his pose, he should be just standing there and enjoying the “sight” :wink: