Nature Test

This was sort of a test project for me, to see how well LuxBlend/LuxCore handles highpoly nature stuff with highres textures. My conclusion: it can be annoying at times, especially startup times in viewport render are very high when 8k maps are involved. I don’t know if this is better in Cycles though. But the low memory usage really surprised me. And it seems like it does not matter to LuxCore if I use 10 Mio. polys or 20 Mio. (instanced), rendering speed stays mostly the same.

Made with Blender and LuxRender.

Engine: PathOpenCL + Sobol
GPU: AMD HD 7970 GHz
Rendertime: 10min per frame, 95 frames, so about 16 hours total
24 Mio. Triangles, 2x 8k-Textures, several 4k-Textures
VRAM used: 1.5 GB

Some models from the free section of
Grass from BlenderGuru GrassEsssentials freebie
You can download my ant model here:


super fast rendering !

only one GPU ( 7970 GHZ ) ! good nature work. :wink:

Thanks sharlybg.

No further comments? Nothing to criticise, nothing to improve?

A pair of 3D SBS pictures would be fine