We all know Blender can do a lot, but a landscape render? With many many trees? Not going to happen. but oh well it doesn’t hurt to try. So here is my first render, and feel free to post yours here as well.

Looks good… at least from this distance.

I see jagged faces everywhere on that mesh, I’d at least put it under a subsurf modifer with at least 2-3 levels.

that would be bad idea, it has 540,000 faces

Usually what I’d do is delete every part of the landscape that’s outside the camera view and shrouded in the fog but won’t affect the final result. Only do this if you’re sure you won’t change the camera though. You might want to keep a copy of the mesh in another layer in case you mess up.

looks nice! you could have a low-poly mesh with high subsurf division visble only in the render, and have a displacement map.