Nature's Orchestra

This was an idea I had after seeing some of the “portaledge” tents that climbers use. Hdr by


I would appreciate an critiques and feedback anyone might have. Thanks!

I really love the lightning, the subtle bloom and compositing seems well done too :)! Your rendering really shows how you’ve translated the shape of those tents into some form of architecture. Its a lovely blend between bio-design and structure.

It’s a great piece in my opinion, it kinda transports a winterly feel to me too.
You’ve also got a great level of detail, over the entire depth of the image, with the clean shape which flows into the detailed wrinkles of the bottom and top plattform. And the path that leads to it.

Storywise i’d interpret it as some kind of musicians retreat, who - in the silence of nature - is able to follow his passion. (last bit is far stretched) :smiley:

I wonder how you’ve created the shape and holes. Did you remove some faces from a shape and used a subsurf and thickness on top?

Thanks Chrisoph! Really appreciate the feedback! Story-wise you’re spot on, that’s pretty much what I had in mind for it. The frame itself is actually a pretty simple mesh with a wireframe modifier and then a subsurf, creates a nice organic kind of form.

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I love that :heart_eyes: good job :sparkles:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!