Naughty Dog seeking Lighting Artists

Hi Guys,
Naughty Dog is the creators of Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, and Uncharted. We have a opening in our lighting department. We’ve been having a hard time finding a lighting artist, so that is why we’ve began posting on forums like this. If you think you have the skills we are all ears (Well, figuratively). Below will give you a brief idea of what type of job this would be. Even if you do not fit all the requirements do not be afraid to throw your hat into the ring. We’ve had applicants who’ve haven’t had all the skills we need, but we’ve given them advice on where they can improve and they have been hired after six months or so.

· Working directly with our Art, Cinematic, and Programming teams, the Lighting Artist is responsible for creating the look of our games
· Create visually awesome/compelling 3D game environments
· Work with Art and Programming team to solve technical challenges within given constraints and visual requirements
· Assist in pushing the look of a given project to new industry levels

Requirements and Skills
· Production experience with PS3, XBOX 360, and/or PC a plus
· Proven industry experience as an Environment or Lighting Artist on at least one AAA title is preferred
· Wide understanding of lighting/rendering technologies (pre-render and real-time rendering, sub surface scattering, HDR, refraction, etc)
· Familiar with Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop in addition to an implicit ability to learn new tools
· Strong background in traditional art and/or photography
· Have extensive knowledge of vertex coloring and vertex lighting in Maya combined with sound knowledge and/or use of advanced lighting techniques in the video game or VFX industries.

· Advanced experience with Maya and creating simple Mel scripts is preferred

· Ability to work with minimal direction

In your portfolio please include three examples of your most impressive work. Please email your resumes as doc or pdf files and in the subject line say “Lighting Artist”. We accept attached portfolios but online portfolios are preferred. Send all this to [email protected].

Best of luck!

Where, on this great big planet, are you?

And do you care where, on this great big planet, the people who might work for you are?

This is Blender-land. Does that bother you? Is “vertex coloring and vertex lighting in Maya” the slightest bit similar to how such things are done in Maya?

What did the folks who “were hired after six months or so” do, i.e. to eat, during that time? (You can’t simultaneously ask for “proven industry experience as an E/L artist on at least one AAA title (whatever that is…),” if you expect folks to spend six months bagging groceries while waiting for your call. Only high school students and too-new-to-know-better college/trade-school grads go for such things.

And one more thing: to the nearest increment of $25,000 (USD), just how much are you willing to pay for this?

Just curious . . . You are sending out very mixed signals here.

From their website:
“Naughty Dog is based near the ocean – and beaches – in Santa Monica, California, where beautiful weather and fair temperatures grace us year-round.”

-Sounds like a terrible place to work. :eyebrowlift:

I am not looking, but I wanted to say thanks for including us in your searching.

Not to admonish a senior member of this community…but…this is a terrible attitude to take towards a seemingly sincere offer, lets be proffessional when these requests come in, some of us actually have a career in 3d, and take it seriously, and Blender is more and more becoming a mainstream application. I still think we need a forum section for job offers. (doesn’t anyone here actually work?)