Naughty Eva [Mild Nudity]

Hi guys,

Am working on a character based from a dream I had, Then I did some doodling and came up with her design… I still have a few things to tweak on her but this is what I have so far…

what an extremely strange character. It’s extremely original though. Shes like a water droplet with giant ears, woman arms and legs. Do you plan on giving her a bikini or is she just gonna be chillin’ with the boots and groin totally bare?

Quite bizzare. I like it. I often wish that I had dreams vivid or strange enough to create in 3d .It always seems to produce very unique results.

Trippy dream.

The concept is that she will be holding her bikini in her hand…

Thanks for ur feedback guys.

Crazy character! It would be interesting to see her textured!

It’s always nice to watch your creativity go wild. I like this character and its originality. Keep on the good work.

My first thought was a bizarre elephant. I like it.

hi guys,

Here is an update, I gave her a bit of an attitude…also added and tweaked a few things on her…she’s pretty much done as far as design goes…now is to build her set and put some color on her…

I added her color scheme and gave her a weapon :wink:

Dunno if the character is supposed to accentuate a certain female body part but the bikini area is really,… uhm, explicit? Or did her buttocks kind of loop around to the front? Dunno, just asking. I like the model but that part is, well… strange.

Love the character, you really made something unique. :smiley:

-That part of her body is intentional, the idea is to create a semi erotic cartoon alien character… [hence why I added Mild Nudity to the title…

-Glinkis Thank you :slight_smile:

Brasilian string I suppose ? The character has a unique look but for the erotic thing, well hum … I’m not so excited you know …

Hhaha this has come along really nicely… i love it… you might want to submit this to
If anyone has a sense of humor she will run right to the top of the charts. Great work on the models and colors.

LOL thanks Sycosys :slight_smile:

Serialsiner - I don’t expect anyone to get excited over her :slight_smile:

I love the sense of humour in this, this is a very strange and brilliant character creation.

Thank you, am glad u appreciate the humor…

This is my final render of her she’s complete, I wanna thank you guys for ur help in developing her…


I liked her better with the darker BG and without the horns. It framed her whole figure much better.