Naughty Quadro - Ducati

Sharing with you something I’ve been working on for several months now. Personal project called “Naughty Quadro”.

The bike is loosely based on Ducati’s Panigale Superquadro engine and chassis. Other parts were either designed by me or found on earlier Ducati models like that classy swingarm from S2R 1000 Monster.

Been rendering this 1:30 min animation on 1080ti in 4K resolution for 2-3 weeks (2000 frames at 300 samples + denoiser). I’m new to animation and video in general so the only way working for me, was to render bike, volumetrics and ground separetly (so some of those 2000 frames multiplied by 3), then combine layers in blender compositor with lens effects. Separate sequences were then imported to Premier Pro for color corrections, transitions, music etc.

WIP Thread:

You can buy this model with all the textures here:

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Awesome, great design and cool animation. 3 weeks on one card is not bad at all for this, I really like the style of animation.

That animation is mouth-watering.

Wow. Amazing stuff. I really like the paint onthe fueltank

Thanks! I’m glad you said that, I was getting worried I’m doing it wrong.

Haha thank you!

Thanks, my wife’s 6 year old brother helped a lot on it:yes:

Great work and loved the animation !

Really great work!

It’s a bit strange the front light. Is it thought as a LED ring with a “black hole” inside or should be full of light as this image?

OMG, that’s totally awesome, the assembling animation is totally rock.

Thank you! Yes exactly, there is an LED ring around the main light. So on all images “main” light is always off.

Thank you!!:smiley:

That’s really some of the best modeling I’ve ever seen, and the animation is really top-notch. Great job on this, congratulations.

Thank you sir! Really appreciate.

Beautiful design, brilliant execution! Congrats to top row :wink:

Knocked it out of the park! Three weeks render time, but how long to model and texture?