Naughty Quadro - Ducati

Wow this is incredible, i can only hope that one day I can do something like this… Soooo good… You said you been working on this for a while, could you do me a favor and give us a ballpark on much much time you spent on this? 20 hours? 100 hours? 200 hours? I would probably take a year or twp :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I started this in the middle of February. It took a month for an idea to become solid in my head. Initially I was thinking about doing scifi-chopper style bike - you can see from sketches. The first post on WIP thread is on 24 March. You can check it out here if you want:

But that doesn’t mean I was working on it all this time non stop. No. There were times where I left it stay for 2 even 3 weeks without touching due to main work or other reasons… Then continued after some time again. I didn’t rush this project.

Looking at it now, I think its possible to finish model and texture within 2 months, if you have all the time. Plus 1 month to render, but that largely depends on your hardware.

Thanks man! The comments and info on your pioneer Honda thread were super helpful to me. I kept going back to it many times to solve certain problems.

man i want this bike! sick modeling

Could you share some tips on how to model those engine parts? Ive got a old project of a Shelby Cobra and she needs an engine. I dont have proper knowledge on how to make such shapes from one form.

Replied to you in a wip thread.

One pedant to another, goddamn that’s a good job.

Amazing what you’ve done here! Love the animation a lot!

Thanks guys!

Wow man!!! that is awesome! I love everything but man, thous renders with the topology and the red light… I don’t know… it is sexy as hell!! How you did that??
Congrats in this beautiful art that you did! I’ll love to have this motorcycle! I sold mine a few years ago… you know… I have two kids to care now…

Thanks! Try wireframe object modifier.

Amazing work! I love how detailed it is with every part being modeled out. Superb Render and personality!

Very impressive. Can I personally thank you for putting some sag in the chain, something most people don’t get right. Superb.

Okay, new favorite blender work… This is absolutely sick :smiley:

This is Great !

Thanks dude!

Oh man
Looks so damn cool! :3

Thanks guys!

Hah! Yes, I’m glad you noticed. Thank you:o

I’m not very active at this forum since I don’t have enough time anymore to work on my Blender skills but I HAD to comment on this one: I’ve seen many beautiful renders of cars and bikes but this one’s truely outstanding… breathtaking… awesome…!
The design you created combined with your Blender competence - only wow!

But at

you cheated a little, didn’t you? :wink:
How can the tank be mounted without interfusing the frame’s top strut (you see, I work for BMW motorbikes and dealing with that kind of errors is somehow my job…)?

Thanks! Yes you are totally right. I did cheat there a bit - was too tired of modelling it haha. There is no air intake chamber at all. But while I was cheating if I remember correctly, you could insert the whole tank from the back (it kind of slides in) , then attach the engine.