Nautical Gear

I don’t know why, I just thought this would be cool to model. It’s missing a mirror and some lenses on the left side, and the ruler gauge thing at the bottom. I would really be interested in suggestions for better lighting and texture. It’s just missing something, and no matter how much I tweak it doesn’t get any better.

Is this an Octant?

If its made of brass perhaps you could add some oxide near joins and creases.

otherwise, i think that this is a pretty nice piece.

Some markings on the instrument might help. Also would make it easier to read. Also I think there’s a little too much refraction in the lens. Your table and floor textures lack depth - as in, you need bumpmaps as well (the tiles should be fairly easy to do that with, the walnut texture, not so sure. Also the walnut looks a bit low-res?)

Tedcase, it’s actually a sextant - I thought about some oxide, but my reference picture didn’t have any, so I didn’t think about it too much… :slight_smile:

fudje - I was hoping to make the floor a little blurry, or remove it all together (I did add a bump map, just didn’t adjust it any). I wasn’t going to add a bump to the table, I have it set up for reflection as well to make it look laquered. and yes, it is a little low res -I’ll have to tile it to make it look a little cleaner.

NIce! I like it. But there is something…Lacking. I think it’s probably because of the fact that everything in the object is coloured bronze. I could be wrong ofcourse, but there is something that’s making it look a little weird. But great job, I really like it, it’s very… Different.

The table texture is going to look wrong until the various knots are bump-mapped IMO. You could add a supersurface for the lacquer (or there may be some trick for have a smooth polish over the top of another map…)

Allrighty, trashed the wood table and floor, might add it back later, but I wanted the focus to be on the sextant. Tried to give it a little texture and changed up the color just a bit. I think it’s looking better - What do ya’ll think?

Allrighty, finished product. Let me know what you think.