Nautilus Shell....

Quickie…How could one replicate something like a nautilus shell in Blender? I was just spinning at 359 deg. and moving everything over, but that isn’t working very well. I thought of using um, y’know, that buttin in the animation menu ( :expressionless: ) to extrapolate a cylinder along a curve, but that isn’t working either…

Hi Merc,

I have a copy of a python script which will do this for you, I have tried to find it again on the net, but without joy, so I shall upload it as soon as I finish work and will post a link in this thread. (In about 3hrs time)


Thank you much, Sonixsculpt, it is much appreciated. Also, can you tell me what Tuhopuu (sp?) is?

actually, there’s a program out there that makes shells much like what you’re speaking of. Called Spiralizer, you can save them as dxfs and import them into blender.

Tuhopuu is an experimental branch of the Blender source code. Most new features and experiments are added to Tuhopuu first. Then, after they have been evaluated, some are added to the ‘offical’ Blender releases.

As promised, Python script Shell Factory 2, my apologies to the creator of this script as I can’t recall where I downloaded it. The script has no written details in it.

Click here or right click and save target as


the screw function … when I first tried making a spring I keep getting spiral shell shapes… from memory, create a half circle… hang on I’ll have a play…

ok here ya go…this is just an example you need to play a bit
in front view create a mesh circle,
delete left>top&bottom vertices.
delete bottom right vertices…
only right top vertices left…
we have a quarter circle ok.
move the cursor about 7 unit squares left, click on the (+) target- rotate scale around cursor button in 3dwindow frame.

select all remaining vertices and …
try the spin with “steps 8” and “turns 5”

doing the same but with a half cirlce (right side) will give a flat shell spiral,
experiment with more or less virtices,turns, cursor distance etc, also moving the last vert altering the profile etc etc…

Here’s the home page of the shell factory (It’s in French):

I found the link in the huge Python script link thread at the top of the Python forum.

Not sure if it works with the latest Blender version, but the script has always worked for me without any problems, so give it a try.

Wow! Thanx alot you guys! :smiley: now I have something to play with. The idea was to use this to create some curly-cue shapes in gold with which to adorn a temple. I’ll try the Python script. Thanx!

You’re welcome.